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This year, we are delighted to say that this year's Green Business Award will be presented to Alex Henige and Jonathan Williamson: the founders of Reduce, Reuse.Grow. Inc. - Sustainable Packaging Restoring Landscapes.

We are so incredibly grateful for these two Cal Poly Alums; at the festival this year, you will enjoy drinking out of their compostable cold and hot cups, which were donated by their company. On stage at the Beer and Wine Garden, Santa Barbara 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann will be on hand to introduce the dynamic duo, Alex Henige and Jonathan Williamson, who will speak about their work to protect and preserve the environment. 


Reduce. Reuse. Grow. (RRG) is a compostable packaging company changing the notions of everyday consumption within the disposable foodservice packaging industry.  With each compostable product served, RRG plants a native plant at a local restoration site within the county of the participating shop.  The overall goal of their restoration efforts is to connect consumers back to their everyday wasteful consumption habits, reduce waste as well as connect consumers back to their local landscapes in which they live within daily.

With a restoration network and platform spanning 50,000 active restoration sites across the globe currently, they are artfully creating one of a kind custom compostable packaging programs for the most innovative and environmentally progressive coffee shops and restaurants throughout the US.  Their overall goal is to build an industry leading environmental platform and product line, connecting consumers to a more conscious waste habit and to ultimately build everlasting brand loyalty to the shops who run this industry leading, restoration program.

Our products are made from 100% plant based polymers derived from sugarcane, corn and sugarbeets.  Our plant based liners and biopolymers allow our company to create, manufacture and design petrol alternative products and overall allow us to create products with shorter life cycles.  Our products will degrade into compost in less than 30 days when processed in industrial compost facilities.  This is a great difference, compared to petroleum based products which break down in no less than 50 to an indefinite amount of time, ultimately leaving large harmful footprints on our planet.

RRG was founded during a senior project of Alex Henige’s out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo through and landscape architecture and packaging senior project.  It eventually lead to what we are pursuing now both within our local communities as well as on a national and global scale.


To learn more about the Restoration Program and to learn a little bit more about our current customers, visit our website at

Alex Henige - President & CEO