Beer & Wine Garden

Santa Ynez Valley is a destination well known for it's world renowned wineries, breweries and distilleries. Buellton is the original home of local Breweries such as Figueroa Mountain Brewery and Firestone Walker Brewery, so it's a given that both breweries will be on hand to serve refreshing beer at the Beer and Wine Garden, keeping you cool on a warm sunny day on their home turf. 

Local distinguished wineries such as Beckmen and Buttonwood Wineries, and in addition to newcomers will be on hand to share their beautiful wines. Standing Sun Winery, a local favorite wine-tasting room and musical venue in Buellton, has been instrumental in securing musicians for SYV Earth Day.


Our musical guests Ruben Lee Dalton, CALICO (23rd Grammy Award Nominee), and SYV Band have one thing in common: they can't wait to perform.

Get ready to dance: they'll knock your socks off!

Noon-1:00 pm    Opening performance by Johnny Hawthorn

1:00 - 1:15 pm   Environmental speaker James Heins (Sierra Club)

1:16 - 3:00 pm   CALICO

3:00 - 3:15 pm   Environmental Speaker Marc McGinnes (CEC/UCSB)

3:16 - 5:00 pm   The Ruben Lee Dalton Band


Environmental speakers such as Marc McGinnes (CEC) and James Hines (Sierra Club) will share with us how, where and why Earth Day began, and what we can do to secure a healthy environment for the future. Both gentlemen have been advocates for the environmental education for decades, and we would not be where we are without their dedicated work.

Supervisor Joan Hartmann will also take the stage, to introduce our Business of the Year; Reduce. Reuse. Grow. Inc. 



Chair, Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter which works on issues in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties of southern California: Our chapter issues in the two counties which range from Los Padres National Forest protection, Santa Clara, Ventura, Santa Ynez Rivers protections, preventing the construction of a dirty energy power plant on Mandalay Beach, Gaviota Coast protection, wildlife corridor protection and we have a major campaign to move international shipping lanes from inside the Santa Barbara Channel where cargo ships and oil tankers strike and kill dozens of whales each year and have those shipping lanes moved to the outside of the Channel Islands where there is much les whale activity.

Team Leader: Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team, a team of Sierra Club staff and volunteer activist who develop, organize and carry out various  Sierra Club campaigns to protect wildlife in CA and NV and we also work on marine mammal protection campaigns in the ocean waters off of California. Some of our current campaigns are to stop wildlife killing contests in Nevada, endangered species act protections for gray wolves within CA, ban the use of deadly drift gill nets which entangle and kill whales and other marine mammals by the hundreds each year in ocean waters of the coast of CA.

Southern California Organizer, Sierra Club Protect Wild Utah campaign: This campaign focuses on protecting America's national public lands (YOUR lands) such national parks, national monuments, national forest and national wildlife refuges in the state of Utah. Why is Utah the focus? Because Utah is ground zero for an effort by anti federal lands politicians who have introduced legislation into congress supported by the Trump Administration to sell or lease off YOUR national public lands in Utah. If this is allowed to occur in Utah, this anti federal lands agenda will move to ten other western states.



J. Marc McGinnes retired from his regular teaching duties in 2005 as a Senior Senate Lecturer in the Environmental Studies Program, capping a distinguished teaching career at UCSB that began in 1972. He developed and taught ten courses in the areas of environmental law, policy, dispute resolution, and ecopsychology, including the longest running undergraduate course in environmental law in the United States. He also taught courses in the Law and Society Program and the Global Peace and Security Program. He was the recipient of numerous teaching honors and awards, including the UCSB Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award.

In addition to his teaching, Mr. McGinnes has pursued parallel careers as both an environmental lawyer (one who applies legal principles to environmental problems) and a legal ecologist (one who applies ecological principles to legal problems). In 1970 he led the founding of one of America's first ecology centers, the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara, and in 1977 one of the first public interest environmental law firms, the Environmental Defense Center. He is a former director of Congress on Optimum Population and Environment, Chicago, and Earth Island Institute, San Francisco.

As a legal ecologist, Mr. McGinnes' presentations on Using and Practicing Law as a Healing Art have been featured at numerous conferences on peacemaking, conflict resolution and environmental law. He is a founder and director of the Peaceful Resolutions Institute and Community Mediation Program of Santa Barbara.